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All Disney Animated Movies Ranked

All Disney Animated Movies Ranked

It is a difficult task to rank all Disney movies from 1937 to the present and it’s not because there are many movies, but because each person has a bunch of Disney movies that are very special to them. It is normal for each one to have its own ranking with a different order of animated movies and it is equally respectable as the top one you are about to see. For my part, I have tried to make this top as objective as possible and I follow these rules to build this list:

  • The movies listed will only be from Walt Disney Studios, this means that movies from Pixar, Blue Sky or other acquired studios will not be included.
  • Live action movies or movies mixed with animation will also be excluded, only those that are 100% animated will be listed.
  • I will see all the movies again and immediately list them (possibly that is why when you see this top it is still under construction)
  • The films will be seen in their original dubbing.

After detailing the requirements, I can only say that I am delighted that you read this list. I have spent many years studying and working in the world of animation, I declare myself a great fan of Disney and I have read many books on animation written by the best animators of this company.

PS: it would be great if you leave me in comments if you liked the list and which ones are your favorites.

3)  Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (1937)

Okay, this movie is considered the first animated movie in history and it’s not entirely true, that title belongs to The Apostle. The message hasn’t aged well over the years either, but what it will always be is the first great Disney classic.

I have seen all the movies and animated shorts since 1903 and I can assure you that nothing comes close to what Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs is. The animation is fabulous, the characterization of the characters, especially the dwarfs, is awesome, the soundtrack is perfect for the movie and the duality of the witch with the princess makes it a true horror movie from the 30s. It was not the first animated movie in history but in my opinion it was the best movie in the history of animation until the second great classic, Pinocchio, came out.

She is the princess that started it all and thanks to this movie we can still enjoy Disney movies today. Of course the animation is not perfect and it still had a long way to go to improve and polish, but I am an absolute fan of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.

PS: did you know that Snow White was animated with rotoscoping?

2) Pinocchio

What can I say about the most famous puppet in the world? Being the second Disney animated film where even the team was inexperienced because they were discovering and experiencing advances in all departments, they managed to create one of the most magical movies ever. In the words of Walt Disney «with everything we collected from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs we made this film, we have improved each of the departments of the studio, we have investigated and taken another step in animation, unfortunately the film was released in 1940 in half of the second world war and did not collect what was expected, even so it was a success»

And it is that starting with the story of Pinocchio it has an incredible beginning until it turns dark and creepy, especially in «Pleasure Island». The animation is fluidity and emotional intensity, perfect with the landscapes that look like paintings taken from German romanticism, it is of unrivaled beauty especially in some Monstro moments or the design of the germanic town. Pinocchio’s music is not only its soundtrack, especially the song «When you wish upon a star», it is the current soundtrack of the Disney company and its melody impregnates any movie or product of the company with magic.

If I had to define the film encompassing all its elements (especially its animation and music) it is the most magical fairy tale that Walt Disney Studios has made to date.

PS: Pinocchio has an alternative ending that was created at the same time as the original and that is the end of the 2022 remake.

1) Fantasia (1940)

Dinosaurs, hippos that dance ballets with crocodiles, Zeus throwing lightning bolts, magical fairies, mushrooms that come to life, centaurs and unicorns running, demons and above all, a magical mouse that controls the cosmos, Fantasia has literally everything. That this movie is in the first position is totally subjective (since I am completely obsessed with this movie), I always consider it Disney’s masterpiece and the best animated work of all time.

It is a real shame that Walt Disney died without seeing that his most intimate project reached fame and popularity in the late 60s with the psychedelic era. Fantasia is a journey of emotions, it teleports us to different magical worlds orchestrated to perfection by the great Leopold Stokowski. The mixture of classical music and traditional animation, and this is my personal opinion, takes the stories to another level, there are no dialogues, only sensations and infinite beauty. It is the highest point of magic that Disney has reached in his entire career.

The film is made up of a handful of shorts, similar to the ones he did in Silly Symphonies, but of higher quality. I couldn’t choose which of the shorts is the best, but it must be admitted that Mickey Mouse in the sorcerer’s apprentice is brilliant, he premiered a new design of the character with more facial details and the odyssey of stopping the brooms, with those shadows on the walls so marked they seem taken from the purest German expressionism.

Walt Disney saw how his most personal film was a resounding failure and I think he did not recover from that great blow. Fantasia is a clear example of how to put art against business, of doing something that you feel againts what the public asks for. I can only say thank you for making this movie.

PS: Chernabog was inspired by Mephistopheles from Murnau’s Faust (1926)

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