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Hirtenstraße 19, 10178 Berlin, Germany
+49 30 24041420

About me

When I was little I wanted to be a helicopter pilot, then an astronaut, then a pirate, then a plumber, then work in advertising… and finally I dedicated myself to bringing characters to life in movies.

The real world is very interesting, full of lights and shadows, but the world of dreams is much more exciting. That is why for more than 10 years I have dedicated myself to writing all my strangest experiences of my subconscious on paper. After filling more than five notebooks, now I dedicate myself to mixing all those extravagant and absurd ideas in my paintings and writings.

And since I am obsessed with Nietzsche, I let you a quote that fantastically defines the role of an artist: «We are not thinking frogs, nor objectifying and registering mechanisms with their innards removed: constantly, we have to give birth to our thoughts out of our pain and, like mothers, endow them with all we have of blood, heart, fire, pleasure, passion, agony, conscience, fate, and catastrophe»